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Graef Electric Slicer Premium Cut S3211


Graef Electric Slicer Premium Cut S3211

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With the Premium Cut all-purpose slicer, you can bring star cuisine right into your home. The smooth stainless steel blade, blade cover plate and the professional 15° inclination make it easy to cut food such as bread, sausage, cheese, fruit, vegetables or ham into fine slices.

Features you’ll love include:

  • All metal machine with high quality coating in anthracite and break proof glass base plate allows for easy operation and a precise, wafer thin cutting result
  • Due to the 15 ° inclination, the food can fall by gravity without touching the engine body in a bowl, on the bottom plate or even directly into the pot. The material to be cut is ultimately pressed against the stop without any intervention so your hand doesn’t need to go near the knife
  • The powerful 200 watt Power Drive motor ensures maximum smoothness at a constant speed and the smooth running slicer is equipped with a high quality, hygienic stainless steel pad as well as a child safety lock
  • Smooth stainless steel blade, Ø 170 mm which cuts through delicate items as well as hard crusts. With the safety closure, the knife is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Adjustable slicing thickness between 0 – 20mm so both rustic and razor thin cutting results can be achieved
  • Comes with the MiniSlice attachment that allows for even the smallest of foods to be completely sliced wafer thin. You’ll also receive a stainless steel tray to cleanly collect cuttings and blade sharpener D-1000



Brand Graef
Manufactured In Germany
Colour Dark Grey
Product Dimensions Product: W 310 x H 485 x D 357 mm
With Packaging: D 237 x W 343 x H 265 mm
Product Weight Product: 7.6 kg
With Packaging: 4.3 kg
Material All metal body, break-proof glass base plate.
Accessories Included MiniSlice Attachment
Blade Sharpener D-1000
Stainlesss Steel Tray
Capacity 230 V ~ 200 Watt 50 Hz
Model Number Premium Cut

Premium Cut




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