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Hara Chair C Type Black

The Hara Chair is an ergonomic chair designed to better support you while you to sit in a more balanced position. Some of the benefits of using the Hara chair compared to an ordinary office chair includes dual seating, lumbar support, posture support and a chair that is customisable to the needs of each user. The result is better health, comfort and greater job productivity.



Brand Hara Chair
Manufactured In South Korea
Colour Black
Model Number HARA-C-M117

HARA-C-M117, HARA-C-SB9678




HARA Chair


  1. Juergen K

    This chair is extremely confortable. I was experiencing back pain from sitting at a desk all day. I had bought 3 other chairs but none were helping but it was 4th time lucky because this chair is fantastic.

  2. Parham

    Like so many I have been asked to work from home earlier this year. My home office setup was very basic and I thought I owned a comfortable chair but that turned out not to be the case. Sitting in my previous chair on average for 6 hours a day it did not take long for my lower back to be very sore.
    Due to the strict lockdown restrictions here in Melbourne I could not even go somewhere and shop for a new chair. So I found the Hara-C at This store and thought to give it a go.
    Delivery was very quick, received it within 4 days. Having used the chair extensively now over the last 3 weeks, I can honestly say that it is very comfortable indeed and my back pain disappeared. The lumbar support bit basically forces you into a good posture so you can’t slouch at all.
    There is two things about the chair that could be improved. Number one is the neck support. It’s too far back and you can’t adjust it to actually sit against your neck. Number two is the arm rests. Again, they are not height adjustable but this does not bother me. Other than that, I am extremely happy with the chair. Money well spent.

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